• I Help Organizations Reshape Their Innovation Culture​


    Facilitation, Coaching, and Consulting

    to ensure your organization has the mindset, behavior, and tools to grow through change.


  • My Education, Licenses & Certifications

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    Hi there, I'm Andreas Cem Vogt - Your Innovation Partner 🚀


    I'm passionate about turning bold ideas into game-changing realities. My mission? To help you and your team not just adapt to change, but lead it.


    What Drives Me: 🔥


    I love the thrill of transforming organizations. There's nothing quite like seeing a team light up with new possibilities, or watching a struggling business find its groove. It's not just work for me - it's a calling.


    How I Can Help You: 🛠️

    • Spark creativity with tailored facilitation sessions
    • Reimagine your business model using design thinking
    • Supercharge your operations with agile methodologies
    • Guide your team through complex challenges

    A Bit About My Journey & My Learning Path: 🌱


    As the founder of C5T & Company, I've had the privilege of working with amazing clients across industries. I've distilled my experiences into the "Cloud Engagement Model Framework" and shared my insights in my book 'Innovate Now'. Sharpened my skills in the Stanford LEAD program, earned my MBA from OU Business School, focusing on creativity, innovation and change, taught bright minds as an adjunct professor at Mediadesign Hochschule, and

    mentored startups at Startupbootcamp, watching ideas bloom into successful businesses.


    Why I Do What I Do: 💡


    For me, every client becomes a friend. I believe in building relationships that go beyond just business. Your challenges become my challenges, and your victories are celebrations we share.


    Let's Create Something Amazing: 🤝


    Whether you're looking to shake things up, solve a tricky problem, or just chat about the future of your business, I'm all ears. Let's grab a virtual coffee and explore how we can make your vision a reality.


    Ready to start your innovation journey? Reach out and let's make some magic happen!

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    I transform organizations through high-energy facilitation:

    • Spark creativity with my signature Innovation Sprints
    • Design future-proof business models in collaborative sessions
    • Implement agile frameworks that streamline operations
    • Align teams with powerful vision-to-action workshops

    My clients consistently report breakthroughs in productivity and innovation culture.


    Ready to energize your team? Contact me for a free consultation.

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    As an accredited Business Agility Catalyst, I empower your organization to thrive:

    • Guide teams to excel in innovation and agile methodologies
    • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability
    • Shift mindsets towards customer-centric innovation
    • Drive results with responsive, cutting-edge approaches

    I've helped startups and Fortune 500 companies alike achieve transformative growth. What could agility do for your business?


    Discover your potential. Book a discovery call today.

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    Certified Strategyzer Coach bringing innovation to your business model:

    • Develop and refine strategies using proven Business Model Canvas
    • Align your value proposition with ideal customer segments
    • Optimize revenue streams for sustainable growth
    • Build adaptability into your core business practices

    My expertise has helped clients increase revenue by up to 30% and enter new markets successfully.


    Ready to innovate? Let's talk about your business goals.

  • It’s really nice to meet you.

    Drop me a line and let’s find a time to connect. See you soon, Cem